Just as your paintings may be

enchanted to have conversations,

you will be surrounded by

enchanting conversation while you paint.

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Barrie is home to our founder, and as such, holds a special place in Painting Potter history. Taking place in various secret venues in the area, we help build a local community and arts scene.


Painting Potter parties are available at requested locations as well! Send us an email if you'd like to request a venue, suggest your own, or inquire about bringing your painting party right into your home.


Do you solemnly swear you are no good at painting? Well worry not, at the Painting Potter night at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, we take in Muggles and Wizards alike, as well as people of all artistic skill levels! Whether you are six or six hundred (looking at you, Flamel), Painting Potter nights are fun for everyone. The focus is always on creativity and community, so skill level doesn’t matter in the least.


We provide the necessary equipment and text books. Students will have access to paints, brushes, canvases and an apron to protect your school uniforms. The night will be hosted by one of Hogwarts’ trained professors of painting. The professor will paint alongside students, guiding you through simple and fun steps to create your very own 16x20” Potter-themed masterpiece. Creativity is key, so feel free to put your own spin on your painting.


Students are invited (and encouraged) to come in costumes or house colours, and may bring a toad, cat, or owl of their choice.

The Wizarding Village of

Barrie, Ontario

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